About the company

Herthadalvej 3

4840 Nørre Alslev 

+45 29 88 63 53 





Owner Søren Rosenkilde


SR Solution offers to help your business finding the best possible solution to optimize your production,

we work primarily with automation in stainless steel materials and steel


SR Solution is also a steel company that manufactures all kinds of steelwork 

primarily in stainless steel

 We are a company that will get things done ourselves, or with the help of our large network of cooperation partners in the field of multiple branches 

We work across and independent of many machine suppliers


A collaboration with SR Solution is simple, you only have one contact, which helps you all the way through your project, until it is completely done


I have a long history from my former company SR Rustfri Montage



Manufacture of special machines


· Own brand of stainless steel Conveyor system for gable top cartons for bla. dairies and Juice

· Movement of food productions, experience of dairy production 

· Servicing and Assembly of internal package and pallet transportation throughout Europe

· Steelwork for construction companies and contractors



In the period between SR Rustfri and SR Solution, I have primarily worked with Management,

Production, Company management, Board work, Helping companies become more streamlined and



SR Solution Mission is to create added value for you, through myself and my large network


Please contact me for more information on references and history


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